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The Best Store Ever!

October 25, 2010

Sorry for the delay in new posts, but as I called out sick from work the last couple days, I decided to call out sick from blogging as well, and given that my meals have only been as exciting as kraft mac n cheese and chicken flavored ramen, I will spare you the photographic details of the past couple days of dining glory. Instead I go back to some pictures I have been meaning to post, from Pumpkinfest up in the NH. I will leave the pumpkin tales to Mr.Grill Boy, as Pumpkinfest is his baby, but while up in lovely Keene, NH, enjoy the festival, we came across the most amazing store ever…a kitchen store, but so much more than a kitchen store. Presenting ‘Your Kitchen Store’

While I am a self proclaimed addict of wandering through kitchen stores (Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table, Bed bath and Beyond, the kitchen goods aisle at the local stop’n’shop), this store was even better than all of those rolled into one. I think we spent a solid hour wandering the aisles, touching everything. Its great to be an adult where you can touch everything, as opposed the the children wandering the store with us, who were forbidden from touching even the most innocent of potholders, for their parents fear of “you break, you buy.”

So while touching everything we could get our hands on, and rubbing it in the faces of all the sad little children we found some awesome kitchen things. Many of the pictures Grill Boy took were for the purpose of buying me presents 🙂 He has made it his mission in life to find me every last kitchen gadget, including a strawberry stem remover, and a magical avocado tool that takes the leg work out of pitting and scooping (although I never end up with those fancy looking slices). But here are some of the favorites we found in the store:


To TINY measuring cups (or shot glass…..?)

To Rasta!

Hello Zesters/Graters, who knew there was so much to zest and grate, or rather that you need a different tool for each one, I have always though you could just use a file thingy from home depot, but then again they don’t come in rainbow colors!

Butter Boy and Butter Girl, they have copied our names, we must have them!

How many times have you cut the corn off the cob, well now there is a tool!!!!!! This store had an entire half an aisle devote to corn!

Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier, slightly complicated, but totally practical for the mobile bakers out there, too many cupcakes of mine have suffered frosting casualties in transport over the years.

And a Cupcake Pen for perfect batter distribution! (they make a pancake one too!)

KitchenAid Mixer Can Opener Attachment, now I finally know what that hole on the top of my mixer is for!

Hello Bakers Rack I have been questing for, why do you cost $800?

Knives, knives, knives!

Okay enough, enough, there are like 40 other pictures, but I won’t subject you to them, needless to say, there are a lot of awesome kitchen gadgets out there, and they all come in fun colors. Need to kill some time? Go to a kitchen store!!!

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