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October 26, 2010

Right so, it is rather clear from my lack of posts, that Bakergirl is the true writer in this outfit, well that and because after a day of work I generally have no desire to be near a computer.  Unless there is something REALLY cool going on, or a game to play, or mindless internet cartoons to watch.  One of my favorites has to do with sprite little magician named Trevor…and I provide you with a link for your viewing pleasure.  Oh and then of course there is always the famous social networking site bookface like everyone else in the world I spend a good deal of time checking on the latest nothingness that happens here on the internets.  …..but I digress

TODAY I will talk to you about a wonderful local New England event known as the Keene Pumpkin Festival.

(note on the photos, several of them are from past years and then this year Grillboy did not have his glasses on when using the camera)

For those of you who read this blog and remember Grillboys earlier attempt at a blog/email thing call “The Travels of…” you may remember the following snip it of what Pumpkin Fest (as everyone calls it) is all about. That is correct this is not the first time Grillboy has explained his adventures in the third person, or at least an attempt to do so but the word I really is just so damn useful……but again I digress

“As our traveler continues on his path towards a degree at Keene State College he is able to participate in exciting opportunities such as creating a work of art known as a “Jack-O-Lantern” for a world record opportunity at that Keene Pumpkin Festival.  At this jovial festival the street of Main that runs through the center of Keene is shut down and is over-flowingly packed with “Jack-O-Lanterns.”  In the year of 2003 the town of Keene, NH was in a friendly competition with the town of Portland, ME to defend the world title for the largest collection of Jack-O-Lanterns.  The town of Keene continues to hold the title and also broke its own record with a total of 28,952 Jack-O-Lanterns.  Our hero entered his own Jack-O-Lantern for show on the street of Main, however our traveler was shocked when he returned later in the festival to find that other observes of the festival enjoyed his work so much that they took the pumpkin with them.  A great day was had by all at the festival our hero reports.”

So basically Keene New Hampshire has people bring in THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of pumpkins every fall, and it truly is a site to be seen!!  Sadly things have been dwindling as the event as gone on now for 20 years!!!  I will be very distraught if the event ends, which there is talk about.  If you would like check out the website feel free.

Now Grillboy was very excited to bring Bakergirl last year, but they got there WAY TOO late.  But they still submitted a pumpkin…shown for your approval below.

This year Grillboy was determined to get up to the event at a more reasonable time frame AKA not after it was all over.  So without fail Grillboy and Bakergirl made the trek up to Keene from Boston to see the menagerie of glowing orange squashes…..a pumpkin is a squash right? (Most of you reading this at this point are thinking….damn it this is a food blog and he is now just talking about food)

RIGHT SO THE FOOD – as a man I love all foods that are designed to kill me and as such I do enjoy festivals and the spread of street meat that comes with such things.  Though to be honest there was not a lot of food sampling this year, but I will say that the rinky dink stand where we tried the chilly was quite good and I will say beat out some those stands at the chili fest in Portsmouth…..side note not sure we have written about that yet?…..hmmm ANYWAYS


Chili w/ Cornbread – pretty tasty and we just got one bowl which was a smart idea, but it made Grillboy hungrier.

Athens Pizza – this was my college pizza place and I was disappointed this venture 😦

Popcorn Chicken – oh you know, fried chicken cut up in small pieces ….it is exactly what you would expect tasted like greased up fried chicken from the street….which means it was ok and sauces were needed for moisture, I recommend the honey mustard the sweet & sour…..well I would recommend the honey mustard.

I am pretty sure that is all we ate, the I think we did successfully make our way into three separate bars on Pumpkin Fest and of course sampled Shipyard Pumpkin head at all.  Now this may not seem like a task but when you think about 20,000 + pumpkins all down one main st (even if it is supposed to be the widest in the country) you will get at least 20,000 + people ….and at least some of those people like beer, so the bars are ALL WAYS packed.  We even went to a bar that was not there when Grillboy was in college looking for Grillboy’s sister, but alas we found beer and no sister.  Turns out that 20,000 + people also kills cell phone reception in a rural New Hampshire valley, and this trying to find people is always a challenge.

I think this about sums up this years Pumpkin Fest, it was a meager showing but I truly will be heart broken if this is the last year.

Tech help I learned while writing this post on a PC — ctrl + Y will redo things, which is really helpful when you accidentally delete everything you just wrote.

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