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Fajitas ala Grill Boy

November 9, 2010

Apologies for the lack of posting in the past few days, work and life has been crazy. This past weekend Grill Boy and I had the pleasure of celebrating a friend’s birthday with a surprise party at the Barracuda Tavern in Boston. An adorable little bar with a great nautical theme and of course Grill Boy loved it because there was a boat with a pirate in it. Next to grilling there is nothing he loves more than pirates…I take that back there is nothing he loves more than pirates. I think if he had his way in life he would actually be a pirate, swashbuckling and thieving his way through the high seas. No boat with black sails for him just yet, for now he has to settle for a pirate chest of pirate costumes and every possible toy shop/joke shop knick knack related to pirates (cards, tattoos, puppets, etc.)

In addition to a surprise party, Grill Boy and I also got to channel our Meet the Parents/Meet the Fockers. Baker Girl Mamma was in town for a conference up in the NH and so Grill Boy parents and Baker Girl Mamma met! Gasp, I know, monumental coupledom benchmark. And I can happily report it was a great dinner/meet&greet. Complete with a fantastically delicious meal from Grill Boy’s Mom. Balsamic Brown Butter Ravioli, Rosemary Chicken, and the most amazing cheesecake ever. Alas with all the merryment and getting to know each other we didn’t snap any pictures, but I will say I think Grill Boy’s Mom needs to start her own blog of tasty treats!

Last night after a day of some work and play (Baker Girl Mamma was still in town for the day) Grill Boy fixed up some tasty Fajitas.

I have no idea what Grill boy put in the Fajitas BUT he took awesome pictures so together we’ll recreate the dinner.

On the menu, Easy Peezy Guacameezy, Black Beans, Corn and Rice, and Chicken Fajitas.

Black Beans, Corn and Rice

Rice, cooked in a sauce pan with a little butter

And taco seasoning (tasted like about 2 teaspoons)

Black beans cooked separately but then mixed in

And some cooked frozen corn (just microwaved in a covered dish for about 3 min)

Chicken Fajitas

Olive Oil and Lemon Juice

Garlic and Red Pepper

Onion Powder and Mexican Style Chili Powder

Hot Sauce and Black Pepper

Diced Onions and Green Jalapeno Peppers

Add Diced Chicken and Mix!

Grill Boy marinated the meat for awhile and then I stir fried it up for about 10 minutes until cooked through! The flavors were great and the chicken was super moist!

And bonus! Grill boy packed me my lunch today, with individual tupperware for chicken, sour cream, guac, cheese, rice and tortilla. It was like a tupperware party at my desk today!

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