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A day in the life of Mr.Fishy

November 16, 2010

Disclaimer: This post contains the rambling of a crazy person

So the nature of my job (College Admissions) means that from November through about March I spend most every waking minute reading the hopes, dreams and musings of 17 year olds, aka applications. Rotating between bed, the couch, and the dining room table I spend 10-12 hours staring at my computer either making or crushing the dreams of wee ones across the globe. Its an awesome profession, but needless to say in week three I have already read a lot of essays about playing the piano, and spent yesterday sitting at our dining room table.

Reading applications all day can get a little lonely, but luckily I had a friend, we started the day with some coffee:

Fishy came from a wedding we went to back in September, AND he is still alive. The same cannot be said for Fishy’s tank friend Dude. Dude has gone to the great porcelain chamber in the sky in search of greener tanks. Personally I think he died from over eating (he was stealing Fishy’s food) but Grill Boy is under the impression that hygiene was the issue.

Without his tank Buddy, Fishy was quite distressed but now that he has learned the food is all for him, his demeanor has improved. But today he seemed a little sad in his temporary tank (we cleaned his water bowl out the night before), and wasn’t swimming around, so I put him back in his fish bowl with his friend, Mr. Pirate Ship, this did not seem to improve his mood.

Despite the case of ennui, we powered through until breaking for some fitness around 12:30. I went to the gym, Fishy worked out too, he moved half an inch.

After our work out we both we a little hungry, so we snacked on some saltines

But even the endorphins from working out and eating did not energize Fishy

But perhaps it was the lack of shower post work out on my part (I made the rule no shower until completing reads on 10 more applications). I found this desperate cry for help, clearly my attempt at self-discipline was lost on Fishy:

So at the end of the day, I read the applications I wanted to, Fishy still had a bad case of ennui, but all in all it was a great day, and topped off with some pretty Fall Flowers and a Fall Martini, no complaints here:

Maple Martini or as Grill Boy calls it, the Warsaw Waffle

1 part Real Maple Syrup

1 part vodka

a few splashes of cinnamon sugar

Pop in a mixer with some ice, shake it up and enjoy with a cinnamon sugar rim.

Almost no one I know likes this Martini, but if you like Alcohol and Maple Candy you will enjoy this Martini.

PS I finally figured out what had Fishy occupied in the same spot alllllllll day:

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