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Wine and Dine

November 20, 2010

Thursday night Grill Boy and I joined some other friends for a Boston College Adult Education Program, called Wine and Dine, put on by the Alumni Association. For only $20 we learned about a bunch of different wines, a few cocktails and got to mingle with some hilarious BC Alums from the 1950s.

First off we tried out this new liqueur called St.Germaine, it’s a nice very crisp liqueur made from Elderflower blossoms (a fancy rare French Flower).


First up we had something called:

the St.Germain Cocktail

2 Parts Brut Champagne or Dry Sparking Wine

1.5 Parts St. Germain

2 Parts Club Soda

Mix together and pour over ice.

This was a super tasty cocktail, very light and refreshing. I believe my exact comment was this would be great after a workout, its that thirst quenchy!

Next we had a Sangria with St. Germain, but I won’t share that with you because it was wayyyyyy toooooo sweet. But we did get this awesome little cocktail book and half straw half spoon bar gadget:

I think if you buy St.Germain at the liquor store you get these little things free!

We also tried a nice versatile Pinot Blanc, a type of wine I never had until Thursday and it was delicious! Its a great food wine, goes well with chicken, fish, salad, veggies, basically anything on the lighter side that you would normally drink a white with. I say that with absolutely no wine knowledge except that I try and match the color of the wine I am drinking to the color of the food, kind of like laundry, lights and brights or darks (Dark foods=Red Wine, Light Foods=White).

This Pinot Blanc was from a Vineyard called Durnberg, in a mountainous town in Austria.

Another fun lesson, screw top wines are taking the world by storm. It cuts way down on the production costs (cork is expensive) and it eliminates the risk that the cork will influence the flavor of the wine. I’m sure any wine afficiandos out there already know this, but I found it to be a nice fun fact.

We tried out a boxed wine, which while a good economic move, just won’t made the blog cut, but as the presenter emphasized a great tailgate wine!

The final wine we tried was from Sean Minor called “Four Bears” Pinor Noir, and it was delicious. Sean Minor has been all over the West Coast Wine Scene, including up at King Estate in Oregon, which I am partial to, being from Oregon originally. This Pinot Noi was delicious, not too full bodied, good with spicy food (like Asian), and a great finish.

And to round out the night, as I sit here catching up on the DVR with a nice glass of wine. Another Pinot Noir:


From 90+ Cellars in Argentina. Great wine and it keeps going on sale at our local liquor store. I do love a good conversation with liquor store employees from time to time and while its usually about the arrival of Pumpkin Beer (Still have 3 cases squirreled away in the laundry room) but today we chatted about 90+ Cellars. Apparently their wines normally sell for $60-80 per bottle but they are super marked down at the moment, like $12-25, they are trying to clear out their lots and I’m excited, cheaper wine! Woooo!

Not a super long post, but wanted to share a little bit of wine knowledge from our fun adventure with the BC Alumni Association. Stay tuned for many more posts in the next couple days, tomorrow is friend thanksgiving!!!

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