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Larz the TV lives to buzz again

December 21, 2010
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Last week tragedy struck and the picture on our TV died. Now to many people this might not seem like a big deal, but I am quite attached to this TV, even going so far as to name him (Larz) as I do with all things I am affectionate towards, turkeys (Yolanda), cars (Stella and Pearl), iphone (Penelope).

The story of Larz begins in August of 2009, when I was getting ready to move into a new apartment and found myself TVless, rather than pay some obscene price for a new TV, I scoured Craigslist and found a beautiful 56 inch Toshiba. The only catch, or rather the several catches, he needed to be picked up (I drive a Honda Civic), he buzzed (he still does), he had no remote (not a problem once you get TV service). After weighing the pros and cons of buzzing and needing to acquire a large vehicle to fetch him, I decided to fork over the $200, yes $200 for the TV. I managed to finagle a Cargo Van from a lovely Enterprise gentleman. As fate would have it my car got hit by a moving van the morning of moving day (Sept 1, aka the worst day in Boston) and I had to get a rental car while Pearl was in the body shop, but it all worked out well because I could trade in the tiny rental car for large cargo van, pop over to Back Bay, grab Larz and bring him home.

In all his cargo van glory

At his new home

Shortly after acquiring Larz, Grill Boy and I met, and all it took was the line “I have a 56 inch TV, want to come back to my place?” and Grill Boy was hooked. Just kidding there was way more flirtation and courting, but I like to think that’s the line that started it all.

So fast forward to just last week, Grill Boy and I were upstairs wrapping presents, when we heard an explosion. As we ran downstairs we discovered that Larz had died, and after many failed attempts to coax him into reawakening, I entered into the seven stages of grief.

I spent most of the next day in shock and denial.

And on my drive home I entered pain and guilt (why didn’t I fix his buzzing, why didn’t I listen to Grill Boy saying he needed fixing)

Then came anger, I got mad at Grill Boy

Then I bargained with Larz, giving him a time out for twenty four hours as a means to cure what ails him.

Sinking deep into depression, I began to indulge again in Craiglist and Best Buy seeking out Larz Jr.

And finally I entered acceptance, aka I went through the Toshiba users manual and finally figured out that…….ITS HIS LAMP, so despite many

signs, Grill Boy entered the insides of Larz, venturing through screws and secret trap doors and we found his lamp, shattered to bits (aka the explosion)

……..BUT the replacement lamp was ordered from Electrified Discounters (after a quick search on amazon to find the right model and lot number), and arrived yesterday!

Shiny and new

An easy install by Grill Boy

And ta da, glorious fuzzy snow!!!!!!!!!

Back to his rightful home, replacing the much smaller bedroom TV.


Larz wins! Thank goodness he is back in his rightful spot, buzzing away.

* The buzzing is a color wheel problem, but it costs as much as a new TV to fix so we just crank the volume and embrace it. We have even learned to love it and hum along with him.

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