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Christmas Pilgrimage

December 24, 2010

There is now a triumphant return of Grill Boy and his lyrical prose.  As you loyal readers know Baker Girl is the true visionary of this blog and  keeps up with much of it.  Its is not that Grill Boy is not interested in writing the blog but rather that he is usually too exhausted after work and cooking to go up to his desktop computer to write down some of the culinary stories.  However, he is currently stuck in the middle seat of a Continental Flight on the epic Christmas Pilgramage to Oregon and Baker Girl’s Family.  If you have not been on a Continental Flight lately or if you have never experience modern air-travel THERE IS LESS LEG ROOM THAN FENWAY PARK!!! Really it is not as terrible as that sounds but there are screaming babies and little lap dogs on the flight.  Grill Boy loves dogs and is working on Baker Girl to like them as well but little lap dogs should never come on planes.  Interestingly as Grill Boy writes this description of the flight the little kid behind him is kicking the seat.  The real moment of uncomfortableness for Grill Boy is that the in flight movie is the latest item from the actress he has the least amount of interest in – Julia Roberts.  Now this is just Grill Boy’s opinion but she receives way too much credit, she is boring, over acts and to be honest is not all that attractive for the supposed startlet of Hollywood.  Now with that all said Grill Boy is using the laptop while Baker Girl watches “Eat, Pray, Love.”

The voyage today started with a walk down one of the highest resturant per square foot streets in Boston Metro West, Moody St Waltham, as Grill Boy and Baker Girl trudged through the freshly fallen snow on their way to the commuter rail.  The pair looked like Frodo Baggins and Sam Wise from the epic Lord of the Rings saga.

With a quick walk they reached the train station and were whisked away into the heart of Boston where they picked up the subway, and transferred onto the Silver Line.

For those of you unfamiliar with Boston the Silver Line it is a bus that connects into the subway system  and at times there are large enclosed tunneled roads in which the Silver Line zips along over to Logan Airport.

This journey of public transportation had Grill Boy a little worried on the timing and he did not believe the MBTA website trip planner when it told him it would take an hour.  Low and behold from the time they were picked up by the commuter train to when they walked into Logan airport it was EXACTLY an hour.

Check in was quick and simple, and much to Baker Girl’s chagrin, they did not get full body scanned. The now had to figure out which culinary adventures they would experience at wonderful Logan International Airport.  The first should come as no surprise for those who know Baker Girl, it was of course Starbucks, she like so many needs a daily cup of coffee, and she is very loyal to Starbucks, in fact when they found a giant sculpture of Dunkin Donuts coffee she looked hurt that anyone would make her suffer such aganoy as drinking their coffee.

She shares this despise for the home brew as much as Grill Boy’s co-worker who also has a thrilling blog Glutto Vino. But alas the digression about coffee should come to an end because Grill Boy hate it, he never drinks it, and thus has no objective opinion as to what brand is good.

With her daily fix and festive red holiday cup in hand it was time to venture to a culinary master piece that Grill Boy loves and Baker Girl wishes she did but in all honesty hates, a wonderful seafood restaurant known as Legal Seafood.  They slipped on over and they each ordered the required morning drink, Bloody Mary’s and Grill Boy picked up one of his most favorite of foods, New England Clam Chowder.  The clam chowder as always was phenomenal, with big meat pieces of clams, a rich creamy broth and just the right amount of seasonings.  It has been established that Grill Boy is a hard and faster born and bred New Englander and as such there is a delicate art in the creation of clam chowder, and it must ALWAYS be milk based NEVER tomato based.  There are just simple things in life and that should is one of the absolute truths of living in New England.

*Travel Tip: Steal water from restaurants you eat in once you are through security

With Bloody Mary’s in finished and a fantastic cup of chowder in Grill Boy’s belly it was now time to deliver on a promise Grill Boy made to Baker Girl’s parents last year – LIVE NEW ENGLAND LOBSTERS. 

That is correct Grill Boy has two lovely crustaceans named Bert & Ernie sitting next to his feet waiting to be brought to Oregon. Check out the helpful warnings!

Now this may seem strange, and it is but what else should two New Englanders give as gifts to people who live in Europe and the Northwest United States.  If lap dogs can come on planes then the quintessential New England delicacy can too!! Besides Bert & Ernie are in a box filled with ice and stryrofoam foam ensuring they will still be alive after twelve hours of traveling ready to serve fresh and alive New England seafood in the High Desert of Oregon.  Now Bert & Ernie have certainly been the hit of our travels, the flight attendants on every flight made some comment.  As we departed our first plane (because of course we had three flights and had to travel to Texas in order to go to Oregon, perhaps the FAA should focus more on making sure the airline industy is efficient as opposed to taking blobby naked pictures of customers)  the flight attendant said that we should have walked the lobsters up and down the aisle during the flight so their tails would not become stiff.  Another flight attendant asked if we were from Boston because she saw the Legal Sea Food “If it isn’t Fresh it isn’t Legal” box, she said “I would recognized the box anywhere.”  Another woman in first class, who had on a face mask asked if she could hold the lobsters, Grill Boy thought for a second about trading the lobsters for her seat because he really is just too tall for the Continental Planes, but given her medical precautions he decided to just smile and move on back to his actual seat.  Our final flight attendant of the trip was exuberant in the fact that there were fresh New England lobsters on her flight.  If you were wondering Bert & Ernie arrived in Oregon fit and ready for a nice dip in the hot tub as their leg room was even more cramped than Grill Boys.

Now what would a good layover be without some of the worlds most wonderful off all culinary dishes AIRPORT FOOD!!  Grill Boy is always hesitant on the quality of food in airports and tries to stay to some basic rules of travel – generic American Fast Food, Bloody Mary’s and beer.  However,  on the layover in Houston, Texas Grill Boy & Baker Girl found a nice restaurant to actually sit down and enjoy a meal at the Bubba’s Cajun Bayou Grill (or something like that) Grill Boy had a wonderful Ciabatta chicken sandwich and Baker girl had a delightful rice and beans dish with a Caesar salad.  The key to the chicken sandwich was that the meat was butterflied so it was juicy, tender and easy to eat on the sandwich, WELL DONE Bubba! However, in true Texas fashion everything is always bigger in Texas and thus the culinary duo had to order giant beers.

Now the layover in Texas was only about an hour and half and much of the time was spent at Bubba’s so there became a real need to charge the laptop.  After standing by a trash can awkwardly charging it up for a few minutes the plane started to board and thus Baker Girl and Grill Boy had to unplug and jump on to the jet way.  However, the boarding of the plane caused a line to back up the jet way.  With his keen eyes Grill Boy found that the jet way actually had several electrical sockets, so while everyone stood idly Grill Boy charged up the computer.


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