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Eastern Standard and Evening Drinks

December 25, 2010

The Holiday Season is a time for lots of things, and it means something different and powerful to everyone who celebrates it.  One theme is friendship and fellowship and another one should always be full libations.  Grill Boy & Baker Girl sought combine both of these with a visit to Eastern Standard in the heart of Kenmore Square.  This upscale resturant and bar offers some of the best cocktails in the city according to some.  So our cooking duo battled the first Boston snow of the year and headed over to meet a wonderful group of friends.  Laughs were shared, stories exchanged and well wishes for the holidays were spread throughout.  But what would the point of this post be without talking about the drinks and the food.  With such a wonderful and glowing repuation for cocktails at Eastern Standard it would only make sense that they be tasted and sampled.  No one in the group tasted or sampled a cocktail aside from a dear friend who had a hot tottie in order to fight back a cold.  The wine and beer however, were delicious.  The true adventure of the night was experienced by Grill Boy his first taste of bone marrow!! Yes that is correct that gray/red matter in the center of bones.  The standard animal to sample such a treat is beef.  Grill Boy saw it on the menu and new that he had to give it  a try and when the waiter brought the dish he rememeberd back to when he would cook beef bones for his dog to eat the marrow as a kid.  The bones looked exactly the same.  Now Grill Boy’s wonderful childhood dog, named Buddy, would clean the bones to a shining ivory with nothing but is teeth and tounge.  Grill boy thought about attacking it in a similar fashion but social decourum took presedent and I used a spoon to scoop out the marrow and spread it on toast.  Baker Grill, not being a fan of beef was not interested in trying some of the dish, but was curious as to how it was and the texture of it.  The only real description Grill Boy could come up with is that the texture was as it looked, firm yet soft and slippery.  It was not unlike a raw oyster but not as slimy.  It tasted as one might expect as well, it tasted like beef blood but in a more solid form.  There was a nice garlic and parsley spead that was placedw with the bones and it all went on to the toast.  Overall Grill Boy thought it was a nice little dish, he would certainly not refuse it, but it was not an overwhelmingly delicious meal.  It was good, but not amazing.  The highlight of the night was of course the friends and what wonderful people they are.

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