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“There was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus”

December 28, 2010

As you saw hinted on the Christmas Pilgrimage, we did indeed bring Lobsters out to my parents, and what a feast it was….if only I liked Lobsters. We did have a lot of fun playing with them first. As I had decided on the plane, I wanted to race them across the floor to see who went in the pot first.

And Bert for the win with the outstretched claw

Battling with our respective lobsters

Lobster Phones

Lobster Hats

Torturing Baker Girls Mom

Then they got down to some blogging

Took a dip in the hot tub

And finally chilling on ice while we boiled the water

And into the pot to boil. You want to boil enough water to submerge the lobster. Also we cooked them one at a time. Typically its about 10-15 minutes per pound. Ours were about 1.25 pounds, so I think we did about 16 minutes. Basically boil until they turn a nice red lobster color.

Almost there!

Then pop out on the counter and attack with various tools. I suggest laying out a bunch of newspaper since its quite a messy process.

And if you don’t have a kitchen hammer or shell cracker thingy, you can just use regular tools 🙂 Let the cracking and attacking begin.

Serve up with some melted butter and apparently its quite delicious….I didn’t sample alas, but was told it was quite tasty!

A successful Christmas Eve Lunch Meal!

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