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Magic Cookie Bars

January 5, 2011

These are a Christmas time staple whenever I head out to Oregon, aka the week of eating/drinking/baking nonstop. A lot of people call them seven layer bars I think, but those tend to be made with brownie mix, which never seems to firm up, but instead turns into a hot crumby mess that is not as tasty as a bar-like confection. These are super easy, and super tasty!

Magic Cookie Bars

1 stick of butter
1 package graham crackers, crushed (really well, preferably by Grill Boys Feet)
1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk (it does come in non fat at Target if you want to make it a bit healthier)
2 cups of coconut flakes (sweetened or unsweetened, I used 1 cup of each and it turned out well!)
1 cup of butterscotch chips
1 cup of chocolate chips

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees (or if you are cooking at altitude like we were in Oregon, play wheel of fortune and just spin the temperature dial to whatever! Nothing seems to cook well at 5000 feet, despite trying longer cooking times, more flour, no dice, I guess boiling water isn’t the only difficult thing at high altitudes).

2. Line a 9×13 pan with parchment paper, add the stick of butter and put in the preheated oven until it melts (about 10-15 minutes).

3. Meanwhile, crush up the package of graham cracker crumbs (or cop out and use the premade crumbs).

I had to finish up some of Grill Boys Foot Work

4. Once the butter has melted, add the crumbs and mix together, pressing down lightly.

5. Drizzle the sweetened condensed milk over the crumbs, trying as best you can to cover everything.

Note the infiltrating Baker Girl Dad’s Finger, cooking with parents is such a pain 😉

6. Sprinkle with the coconut.

7. Drop the chips (butterscotch and chocolate).

8. Bake for about 25-30 minutes. The sweetened condensed milk should bubble nicely and will turn golden slightly at the edges.

9. Use a knife to cut around the edges while still warm, and then let cool before cutting and eating.

Note: Approximate shelf life: 24 Hours or less, due to their tasty factor.

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