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Some Early Spring Cleaning

February 21, 2011

Gasp a long weekend that Grill Boy and I both had off! Working in Higher Ed we rarely get long weekends/holidays actually off and even more rare is for both of us to be off! Even snow days pose problems, well for me, I work from home this time of year (reading college applications), but Grill Boy does not, so Snow Days= Grill Boy distracts Baker Girl from work, BUT today it snowed and we both didn’t have to go to work or do work!

We had quite the productive weekend!

Bought a futon at NE Futon and Mattress, the best shopping experience ever, Joe the futon guy and I are BFFs now, and I know more about futon construction, covers and operating essentials than I ever wanted to know. Suprisingly there is a lot to know about futons…although I couldn’t break it to Joe that I only really cared about price.

Ate our weight in fondue at The Melting Pot. Check out the review on our Dining Out page

Cleaned the entire office, also known as that random room we have been throwing things in for the past 7 months, including christmas wrapping paper, 1 years worth of Grill Boys Receipts, about 17 rolls of tape, a sewing machine, stacks of card stock. Only a few hours from chaos to:

Organized craft drawers, markers, colored pencils, crayons, yarn, clay, paint!

2 Desks merged into 1, hung on to the 2 printers, but we are now a 1 stapler household, wooooo!

Alphabetized Bookshelf, sorted by fiction, non fiction, educational, and personal docs, sorry for the shadow. Oh and do note the lego pirate ship sitting atop the bookshelf, while I was reading applications during all those snow days, Grill Boy was building ships, or ship to be specific.

But don’t worry some remnants of the chaos remain, the destiny of these boxes is yet to be determined:

How many ethernet cords do we need if we have wireless? Will we ever need a landline phone?

Will nintendo duck hunt ever work again?

We also constructed the futon and have some “friends” testing it out for the next week

We made bread crumbs, with the new shredder/grinder KitchenAid mixer attachment, messy but fun, pretty sure I woke up in a pile of breadcrumbs the next morning.

Four months of saving bread, 1 gallon of bread crumbs, a couple vacuum jobs later and boom $2.99  in Progresso bread crumbs SAVED. Worth it? TBD.

And finally we busted out a batch of Turkey Meatballs with the new meatballer kitchen accessory, super fun to use, helps you work those finger muscles and creates perfectly uniformed meatballs, MAGIC!

And there you have it a weekend full of productivity….but don’t worry we also spent several hours playing Donkey Kong Returns on the Wii 🙂


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  1. February 21, 2011 11:14 pm

    I have made bread crumbs by chopping with a knife. I am not sure whether it was worth it either…I just hate to waste the hardened bread!

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