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Grillboy goes to Chicago

March 20, 2011

Recently Grillboy went to Chicago for a conference.  This annual national conference for people who run Student Unions (Student Centers, Campus Centers etc…) is one of the few times where Grill Boy is actually surrounded by people who understand what he does on a daily basis as well as people who understand the job skills required for the job.  Now Grill Boy absolutely loves his career, but it does confuse him that on any given day he might have to know which wire to cut out of a powered stereo system and not get electrocuted, have a student in full panic mode crying in his office, and on a lucky day he might get to read an article on the latest trends and research in the field.  Well here he was amongst hundreds of fellow dorks who could help him with tips and advice for all that he does on a daily basis.  The intention was to fly in and catch part of the early programs but Jet Blue changed Grill Boy’s flight up an hour and then the taxi ride to the airport was grueling.  Chicagoans seemed to not be comfortable going the speed limit on the high way in a little slush.  With all of that complication by the time he arrived at the Chicago Marriott on the Magnificent Mile the early session was already beyond the point where he could just sneak in so Grill Boy went out to explore the local area.

For those of you familiar with Chicago you may laugh that Grill Boy had no idea what the Magnificent Mile is, but he quickly learned that is a collection of every high end fashion and home goods stores known to Western Culture and of course Grill Boy had never heard of any of them.  The one that did strike his fancy was the three or four story Crate & Barrell.  While sending pictures back to Baker Girl it was concluded that he could never again check out the Magnificent Mile without her so he went questing for food.  CHICAGO FOOD to be exact.  Grill Boy is a very firm believer that when he travels he should experience the local fair and what the city/region is known for.  For Chicago it was simple and delicious collection of food that really encompasses all that the Bill Swarsky Superfans would dine on; Steak, Chicago Style Hot Dogs and Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.  Having several connections to people from or in the Windy City Grill Boy had many recommendations but he really didn’t have one for a Hot Dog place close to his hotel.   Several people had suggested Hot Doug’s and try as he might with iPhone in hand he could not find this place.  With a recommendation from his taxi driver that all the hot dog cart stands are the same he scowered high and low for one and came up empty!! It was getting close to dinner time and his quest for a quick snack transformed into an epic journey for some sustenance of any kind, especially since he had not had anything since breakfast and small bowl of shredded wheat.  So with this hunger ever increasing with each curious step and look around each skyscraper Grill Boy decided that instead of hot dogs Deep Dish would be his first Chicago foodie experience.

Now, the rivalry for the best Chicago Deep Dish amongst Grill Boy’s Chicago friends was so fierce that it was close to resembling a Red Sox vs. Yankees discussion and his first choice was not for any advice or recommendations merely a factor of geography and hunger. Grillboy is going to attempt to keep the Chicago posts short and full of pictures.

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