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Dining Out

Biagio – 123 Moody Street, Waltham
A little bit of the North End out in the burbs. We went here for our anniversary, and will definitely be going back. They continued Restaurant Week on their own and have a great 3 course special deal for $33. Tasty dishes: The Chocolate Souffle is to die for, it rivals even the best Chocolate Lava Cake on Maui, with a delicious creamy gooey center encased in a delectable crispy outside served with melting vanilla ice cream, You will die and go to dessert heaven after this cake! The appetizers and entrees were fabulous, we recommend the gnocchi, fluffiest gnocchi you will ever try!

The Border Cafe – 32 Church Street, Cambridge (in Harvard Square)
A great mexican chain with a couple different locations, although we have only been the to Harvard Square one. This place has homemade chips and salsa down to a fine art and brings together Mexican and Creole flavors for an awesome menu that is both cheap and delicious. We recommend the burros, a baked burrito covered with the tastiest enchilada sauce, the Jambalaya and of course the Margaritas. A no fail Mexican restaurant with some unique flair that will leave you full, satisfied and slightly buzzed on tequila, but be ready to wait, there is almost always a line of people waiting for tables (at least in Cambridge).

Fiorellas – 187 North Street, Newtonville
An adorable and delicious hidden gem in Newtonville, right near the Stop’n’Shop on River Street in Watertown. We saw this place on the Phantom Gourmet and were immediately drawn in by the open kitchen and tales of homemade marina sauce and flat bread. And it lived up to the hype, a great place for date night, or for family gathering, this place was bustling at the seams on a Friday night, and it seems like the owners/waitstaff know everyone who walks in the door. The smells are delicious, the flames from the open kitchen are large and the menu is fantastic. Everything is homemade from the gnocci to the most amazing marinara sauce ever. Grill Boy had Chicken Basilico, chicken sauteed with basil and mushrooms tossed with fresh pasta and marinara, and he claims the best mushrooms he has ever had. Baker Girl, loving all things butternut squash, opted for the Autumn Harvest Agnolotti, half moon shaped ravioli filled with butternut squash, pumpkin and sweet potatoes tossed in a sherry cream sauce with peas and fresh tomatoes. This was a fantastic find and even better as we were leaving they gave us these special envelopes filled with a surprise that if we go back during the month of January, have our server open the envelope, we can potentially win a free appetizer, entree, gift cards up to $500, the only caveat being that we can’t open the envelopes!!! And of course the server knew me too well, since he warned me like five times not to open it! Can’t wait to go back and discover our prize!

Paddy’s Pub – 95 Elm Street, West Newton
A super cozy Irish pub in West Newton, just off the pike. This is the closest I have found to a real family feeling Irish pub in the US. Everything on the menu is fantastic, from the fries (super thick steak cut), to the pizza (BBQ Chicken and the White Pizza Rock), to the burgers. They also have some great unique dishes. Chicken Pot Pie in a Bread Bowl with Cranberry Sauce, it’s like Thanksgiving in a bread bowl. Skin-chos, can’t decide between nachos and potato skins? Get both! Pumpkin Ravioli in a Sage Cream Sauce (Best Pumpkin Ravioli I have ever had!). Even their Chicken Curry is fantastic, which although Indian in its roots is a classic Irish Pub dish. This is a fantastic little spot with delicious food and a great atmosphere, perfect for cold winter’s night!

Solea – 388 Moody Street, Waltham
Sucked – That is pretty much encompassed the dining experience.  This place was always told to the Grill Boy and Baker Girl as an amazing tapas resturant, a little pricey but worth the price every now and again.  That is not correct.  To start the sangria was sub-par which is always a bad start to any meal.  The atmosphere was nice and very thoughtful but was ultimately lost when the couple behind Grill Boy talked very loudly and about boring get to know you type topics.  Now while first date eavesdropping and sight seeing can usually be a fun game it became an irritating at Solea.  However, to be fair that has nothing to do with teh place itself, after all it is all in the food.  Our intrepid duo order tortilla espanola, chorizzo, chicken empenada, goat cheese and tomato, spinach and artichoke fritas.  Grill Boy was not impressed with anything, and really the only thing that was alright were the spinach artichoke frittas.  The quote of the night “Well we can scratch that one off the Moody St list.”  Skip Solea, save the money and head over to Tasca.

Tasca– 1612 Commonwealth Avenue, Brighton
A fantastic place for Spanish Tapas and delicious Sangria. We recommend getting on their mailing list, so you are clued into their weekly meal specials (Appetite Stimulus, 3 courses for $18) and $5 pitcher specials.  Tasty dishes: Sizzling Garlic Shrimp, Goat Cheese Empanadas in Pepper Relish, Trio of Chorizo Sausage, Baked Brie with Apple Chutney. We give Tasca 5/5. See Sconces, Sconces, Everywhere


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